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More loan options are available for first time homebuyers than ever before.


Foreign National Loans Obtaining a loan for a real estate in USA


It also offers alternative ways for self-employed borrowers to document their income


Low doc home loans are for those who are self employed and are unable to prove their income through traditional means

When banks denied we approve!

Whether you’re in the market to Purchase or Refinance – We have the right mortgage solutions for you.
We make home loans easy from start to finish! As one of South Florida’s leading lenders, We are here to help you make your home ownership dreams come true. Your home is the most likely a single valuable asset you will ever have. And the right home mortgage from the right mortgage lender – can make all the difference.

To get a mortgage you need Credit,

Money and a Mortgage Advisor.

To get a mortgage you need Credit, Money and a Mortgage Advisor.

Credit means a credit score and credit history – such as credit cards, or an auto loan. Ideally it should be above a 580 credit score and nothing bad the last 2 years. You can even go down to a 500 credit but this will require 10% down. That’s for an FHA loan. For a VA loan – veterans – you can go down to 550. (Foreing Nationals DO NOT NEED Credit Scores)

If you have a bankruptcy or a short sale/foreclosure/deed in lieu, then depending on the reasons it happened, you have to wait 2 years for a bankruptcy or 3 year after the home you lost to be resold to get an FHA loan. But if you have 20%-30% down, you can get a mortgage now.

Any tax liens with the IRS or state, or a court judgment needs to be paid off. If you have defaulted on a student loan, or past due, you need to refinance it.

Money means an income (a job, or pension or social security) and money in the bank(for downpayment). Even with a USDA or VA loan which are $0 down, you will have some costs and the lenders want to see how you handle your money.

A mortgage broker is the person who pulls your credit, to see if you qualify. And then verifies your income and figures out which loan program is best for you.

Getting the right mortgage broker makes a difference. The more loan programs available, the better your chances of getting a Pre Approval, the better your odds of closing. 40% of all Pre Approvals get denied by a lender.

Every year some 2.4 million homebuyers get a mortgage. You can be one of those. It may be right away, or maybe a couple of months or maybe a year or 2. Or, it may cost you more. I will present you options, just like going to a restaurant and you decide what makes sense for you.

If you need a mortgage, write or call me. I will let you know right away. I know you do not come to me to get a mortgage  You come to me to realize a dream or goal!

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Most sellers prefer buyers that are pre-approved so your offers will be taken more seriously than a buyer that isn't pre-approved.