Make a Little Extra Money With Minimum Effort.

Make a Little Extra Money With Minimum Effort.

We can always use some extra cash, sometimes to get by until the next paycheck, or perhaps, we want or need something that is out of our regular budget. There are some things you can do that don’t require so much time, and can give you that extra amount of money you need


  1.  Boot Camp Training: If you already work out and keep yourself healthy and in good shape,why not make some dough out of it? Find some people that want to train under a certain routine, take them to a public space and share your routine with them, at a reasonable fee, of course. You’ll feel better by helping other people look and feel better, socialize/make connections and also, extra cash!
  2.  Google: Google is always in need of statistics-related information, and there are apps you can install that will gather this info for Google, and also pay you for your contribution. Keep in mind that you’ll have to have the apps installed for at least a month to get paid. The most popular one is SavvyConnect, which pays you 5$ per device the app is installed in, that’s a pretty sweet deal if you have at least three or four devices, it can be phones, tablets or computers. There are other apps like Smart Panel and MobileExpressions.
  3. Write Articles For Blogs: Look up pages like or and look into their blog articles jobs.There’s always blogs that are searching for people to write about any subjects: finance, marketing, technology, you name it, and you don’t have to be a specialist to be accepted, as long as you can write about the subject in a neat way you can contact them. Chances are, if you’re good, they’ll keep throwing work your way.
  4. Bing: Microsoft wants you to use their search engine, so much that they’re willing to pay you for it. When you sign up to their rewards program, you will earn credits that can be redeemed for gift cards from various businesses like Starbucks and Amazon. This is great if you don’t really need cash but want to just get some extra stuff. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but Bing works just fine, and if they’re going to give you rewards for it…
  5. Sell Things: Everybody has old stuff they don’t use anymore: books, clothes, tech, furniture, you name it, chances are there’s someone interested in what you have that is willing to pay you for it, you’ll make money and make some more room in your home, you can set up a garage sale on a sunday or use websites like There are apps that are item-specific like BookScouter that can help you unload yourself of a ton of books quickly.

Can you come up with more things to do to make some money with little time? Share them in the comments section below and we’ll take them into account.

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