5 Movies About Finances That Actually Teach You Something.

5 Movies About Finances That Actually Teach You Something.

Hollywood isn’t always about the glitter and fantasy. There are some wonderful films about real-life situations that have some actually useful content that, if you’re looking to have success in the world of finance, might just give you proper insight on certain topics, besides, they’re really entertaining. So, here they are:


thewolfofwallstreet1- The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013): You should have at least heard about this one in the last few years. This is the real-life rise and fall of Jordan Belfort, a New York stockbroker that decides to take advantage of penny stocks with absurdly high commissions and overwhelmingly convincing pitches, and builds a fortune for himself, he also makes his employees rich, which is to say, some really crazy stuff happened in the stock business offices at the time, and it is graphically depicted in the movie, so kids will have to skip on this one.




thebigshort2- The Big Short (2015): This movie was also really talked about last year, with an Academy Award for best adapted screenplay (The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine – Michael Lewis), this movie explains with detail what happened exactly during the 2007-2008 financial crisis in the United States, all so without ever becoming boring or preachy, and with great performances from its cast.



glengary-glenn-ross3- Glengary Glenn Ross (1992): If you’re interested in real estate, this movie should be among your favorites. GGR is about a group of mediocre salesmen that each have particular struggles in their lives, but share one: They can’t close sales. Then, they receive a MAJESTIC motivational and also totally humiliating and derogatory speech from an elite salesman (Alec Baldwin in his prime) and a notice that only two salesmen will keep their job at the end of the exercise. We get to see some actual tactics (both good and bad) that salesmen use to land their deals, great film.



4- Margin Call (2011): Margin call is a tightly knit movie that, like The Big Short, is also based on the 2007-08 crisis, but this film tells a fictional story about reactions to the crisis from an investment bank in Wall Street. It deals with greed, corruption, fraud and explains the mechanisms that make capitalism work, in a way. Well written and acted, this is a movie you can’t miss.




5- Wall Street (1987): Oliver Stone made a huge impact in the finances world with this one, due to it being an uncommon subject for films at the time. Today, quotes from the movie (“Greed is Good”) are still sacred words to many students in the finance area, this is because Wall Street narrates the upcoming of a young stockbroker and his relationship with a powerful and ambitious businessman, and it naturally depicts the life most of these students would like to have after they graduate, and it is used at financial institutions for the means of recruiting new employees. A classic film.


Any other movie with finance topics you know about? Let us know in the comment section!

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